Saturday, 31 July 2010

More studio work.

It,s been hot today so only worked in bursts,but I've cold mordanted some fibre-i say cold but the temp of the water has been far from cold because of the heat outside.Also dyed some fibre with a bucket of fermenting Buckthorn bark-also outside, then modified it with wood ash to get a lovely pink.Finished a little book made fro banana paper i made earlier and printed a series of bird cards-maybe for Christmas because i shall be in Aus for that and not able to do anything much in the way of printing etc.All in all,a productive day!
Peter,Paul  and somebody else!

The banana book cover,with cow parsley and more handmade paper.This book is very small but was a pleasure to make.

Friday, 30 July 2010

what is happening in the studio?

Pages from the fabric book which,hopefully, will be part of my online class.That is ,if I ever manage to upload the videos.Obviously, lots of people have difficulty putting videos on their blogs, judging from the comments in Bloggers forum,but i have been trying for over a week and getting more and more frustrated.Determined to conquer it.more pictures of some work tomorrow.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

back in the studio again.

After a week of teaching I'm back to my own work again and have been making a video for my online classes,to go with my fabric book, which is already well under way.Have had trouble with uploading the video from the camera because we didn't have the right software, but after much frustration,have managed to fix it myself without recourse to a computer specialist-hooray.
The picture shows a page from the book students will make during the online class MIXED MEDIA FABRIC BOOKS.More about the cost of the course etc later.
Our weather continies warm, but not stifling-easier to think and work.

Back in the studio

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nearly finished!

Not the best photo because I have to have the work hanging up out of the way during the Sketchbooks course this week, but it does show how near the finishing line I am.One more 'sleeve 'to go.Below are some images of the bottom edges of the jacket,with felt lace in closeup.Also closeup of unfinished ends of cotton-bit of boring work to do there because my Victorian sewing machine doesn't do reverse.It has been extremely hot today,even in the studio with 2 fans, and we have been making cotton lace paper outside-so humid even the thinnest paper is drying slowly.It has been too hot to stitch on my slow cloth because my hands are so sticky ,the needle slides off them.Still ,better than cold and rain.