Saturday, 26 November 2011

John Piper and other things

Visited the National museum of Wales in Cardiff, to see all the Piper works-all three of them on display!I went without my glasses, having dropped them outside a friends house, so all my drawings were a touch on the abstract side, but I am rapidly filling a sketch book with ideas for more work and courses based on the work, so feel a little less annoyed with myself than I did last week.Piper really did make an amazing range of work which makes him a very good artist to study, from a mixed media point of view.

Rather poor scan,but the camera is in the shed at the bottom of the garden and it is dark and cold outside!
This is the coast of Pembrokeshire,asking to be a piece of felt.
 This is Piper, not me.What about a monoprint?
This came after my visit to Blenheim, where ,joy of joys,we discovered that there will be an exhibition of Pipers work and -even better- a printmaking course in the new year.Couldn't be better! Next stop the Ashmolean.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Still no shed!

Since I still have no shed space,though its almost there,I'm confined creatively to the kitchen,so I have been playing with papier mache and created this alien rabbit (named by my daughter ) I'm considering changing his sex and adding a tutu,so he can sit on top of the Xmas tree instead of guarding my back-up drive.
On a more serious not,I'm doing some research on the prints of John Piper,which is very enjoyable.Hoping he may send me in a new direction, both with felt and prints,and there may even be a course to be had from all the reading.Watch this space!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


In between cleaning up cobwebs and trying to find things I know I have but can't put my hands on,this piece of felt (a throw) came back from France while I was away-yes, in France! The exhibition organisers ignored the intsructions to return it to France,which would have cost them less and sent it to a house which could have been empty.The felt has old scarves which belonged to my mother,so I didn't want to sell it,but it is a technique I love to use.Can't wait to get back to felting again,when my shed is returned to its former glory,but we have to wait until it rains again to see if the repair has worked-of course when we want rain, where is it?