Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More experiments

Terrible picture! I'm using the fabric I dyed in Aus in samples which I hope will eventually give me a piece based on what I saw on the Hawkesbury river.The silk is Habotai and has been felted onto merino wool to give this texture    I want to make something which  will be a memory for me,so this silk is a wedding dress leftover.The light was very bad yesterday when i took the photo but the colours are all from plants in the park near my daughters flat-names yet to be identified.I love this method of felting.

Another sample of felt ,layered and cut into,which came from all the aboriginal art i was absorbing ,both in Melbourne and Sydney.There are 3 layers and i need to consider the colours,but this seemed a good way to start,because the white helps me to see what i am doing better than a colour closer the underlying layers.Now,i need to do some natural dyeing to get the colours i need I also need a computer which will stop typing my words in strange places i didn't intend them to go!