Tuesday, 22 May 2012

This is my yardage

This is a close up of my yardage for a jacket, but it can't be completed until I can getto my sewingmachine, which is hemmed by the progress of the floor tiling !

 This is one piece, which is really much more black/grey than the bluish tones here.
 And this is what the wind did to my lovely, carefully nurtured wild flower bank last night-who would expect that in May in SW France?

Monday, 21 May 2012

English weather

Today,we have the same weather as we left behind in England, which is a bit annoying to say the very least.This has given me time to make felt yardage in preparation for a winter jacket to wear at home ,tho it feels as if I need it here really.
This is the machine sliding its way down from the top of the car,after a 14 hour journey.
Very scary watching it come towards me from this angle.We dreaded being asked to unwrap it, as it did look as if we were transporting a body in there but here it is and here it stays.Being put to good use too

Thursday, 17 May 2012


I've been busily testing my last year's cyanotype chemicals ,which I thought might be past their best and have found that they do still work, tho don't seem to be washing out to white as they should.The sun has been as strong as it possibly could be so if there are any failures, it has to be the chemicals.Fortunately, I have a new supply. but here are some images using the old stuff-some on paper and some on fabric,some using digital negatives and some using plants.
I've promised myself that I'll blog more regularly now that I have a clean house after removing 6 months of mice droppings and spider webs, but for now, back to the rolling machine to finish another piece of yardage, this time using re cycled scarves in black and white.