Monday, 22 November 2010

old chemise

This is an old chemise I bought at a flea market in France last year and it has been sitting waiting to be stitched for a while now It has so much history on it,I'm almost afraid to put needle  and thread to cloth for fear of interrupting the garment's peace.Once,it belonged to A..B then A.S.Did she get married I wonder?

Sorry about the bad photos,the light is poor today.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The butterfly effect

the butterfly effect is a project which aims to create a butterfly for every child who died in the Holocaust.I've just made one in felt-not quite finished but will put a picture up tomorrow hopefully.Follow this link to find out more
Long link, but worth a look.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

printing at Llantrisant

Had another lovely weekend teaching at Llantrisant with a felt group, who all worked really hard and did a wide variety of printing with Thermofax screens,using natural dye extracts.It's always a joy to see other people using the same basic methods,yet coming up with such different results.

Loved these little chickens.

I love this but I can't turn it round the right way-sorry!

This lovely sample is Mandy's,who organised the weekend in the lovely Model  House craft centre,where the facilities were excellent.I'm sure she will do wonderful things with all her printing when time allows.
Pat's trees with woad and rust worked well and will go on to be developed into a final piece for her exhibition later in the year. 
I love the 'drawn' feel of Claire's images on muslin.All together a very happy weekend and thank you Pat for the hospitality.