Wednesday, 25 November 2009

More current work

I'm busy working on a collected cloth made up of individual Nuno felt samples, which is growing rather more slowly than my blue one.This is white and cream but the chair I draped it on is black, hence it isn't as pure white in this picture.I am going to print on some areas ,but it has been so cold and wet today, I haven't even been inclined to walk down the garden to my studio.I really need to be able to look at it unexpectedly, to decide what happens next.It's nice to make something which grows almost without me thinking-sort of like a meditation, but there finally comes a time when thought has to come into it!

Friday, 20 November 2009

This shows some of my altered board books and a graphic French book, which literally took over and told the story by itself-very spooky! Also among the images is a book I collected whilst on a residency in Finlane this year, which was part of the Book Crossing scheme.Couldn't read it because it was Finnish, so I laterd it instead.The book crossing ID number is 582-7089830, just in case the owner sees this post. 

Monday, 16 November 2009

Inspired by Suffolk-continued

Finally had some time to work on the collage,using images taken when I was in Suffolk.It's been a difficult one-normally, things just go together somehow, but the format of this one has been different.I generally work on canvas stretchers or paper, but this one was a long thin wooden table top.Going into the studio after a day away from it, I realised that it was a better shape for me if I had a wide piece, rather then a tall thin one and then ,things began to gell.
I'm also working on a felt cloth, which is made from woad dyed wool and silk scarves on the surface,and that is going on in the evenings, because I'm hand stitching in front of the TV.It's growing slowly and will soon have reached the stage where I have to think of the fine details,so no TV accompaniment for that!


Friday, 6 November 2009

Inspiration from Suffok

Just back from 3 days in Suffolk,where we used to live when we were first married,belatedly celebrating our 4oth wedding anniversary.It's amazing what a change of scene can do for your creativity, because I have already been in the studio and started a collage, using the images I took with the trusty digital.I have an old table top which came from the shed of a neighbour who died recently.It's very tatty and weathered ,which is just what I needed.I've applied layers of re-cycled Morrisons supermarket napkins and some whitish emulsion, ready to begin the real work.Heaven knows what comes next-that's the joy of it all.Maybe pictures of the progress later??