Thursday, 31 December 2009

Finally finished a lot of work!! And got the computer back!

This is a blue version of the white piece I posted earlier-much bigger and with more varied felting techniques used.It has mostly been naturally dyed and uses applied fabric in the felting process-some of the scarves are from my mother who died recently as a sort of memorial.I've also used fabric picked up on my travels so it makes a sort of journal for me.I can still add to it, but I'm trying to stick to the re cycling idea,using old samples and old fabric-upcycling really, as hope it ends up improving the lot of the fabric.

This felt vessel has been waiting to be finished for quite a while.It has layers of rust dyed fabric,woad dyed silk,digital print and surface print using thermofax screens and natural dyes.These are my favourite combinations.Inside is rust dyed fabric too, and below is a detail.Hand stiteched again,with paper string.
Happy New Year  ,anyone who is listening.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Christmas Carol

I've had a great deal of difficulty this week with computers in general-the large PC won't let us in and has been taken off by our expert to be sorted.Hopefully I won't have lost all my work,including a half written article which I neede to finish before Christmas.Yes,I know you are supposed to back up and I'm going out to buy a portable hard drive asap.Doing this post on my husbands lap top which I hate,but beggars can't be choosers!Also using a brand new camera because the old small one went bananas and would have cost as much to repair as a new one-could do a grumpy old woman rant here, but won't.

This altered book is my festive effort-based on a copy of Charles Dickens classic,with pop-ups and a white theme.My studio is cold at present so I am cheating and working in the indoor office.Having difficulty with things drying in the real studioand fingers going numb!

A Christmas Carol

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Thursday, 3 December 2009

White challenge

This rather poor photo, taken in a coffee shop,so hard to get the angle right,shows the white challenge which a group of us have been working on.we have all made two pieces,based on a poster we found in a cafe in France(What makes you think we spend all our time in cafes?)Four of us are feltmakers and one a weaver and the idea was to use only white and cream and then assemble the individual pieces to create a larger piece.I'm going to be the assembler! I seem to be doing quite a lot of this sort of thing at the moment, but it is good to feel a large thing growing from small beginnings.Then, we will add to the large piece one by one and this will go on during 2010, then hopefully, it will appear at our exhibition in April.More of that later.