Sunday, 20 December 2009

A Christmas Carol

I've had a great deal of difficulty this week with computers in general-the large PC won't let us in and has been taken off by our expert to be sorted.Hopefully I won't have lost all my work,including a half written article which I neede to finish before Christmas.Yes,I know you are supposed to back up and I'm going out to buy a portable hard drive asap.Doing this post on my husbands lap top which I hate,but beggars can't be choosers!Also using a brand new camera because the old small one went bananas and would have cost as much to repair as a new one-could do a grumpy old woman rant here, but won't.

This altered book is my festive effort-based on a copy of Charles Dickens classic,with pop-ups and a white theme.My studio is cold at present so I am cheating and working in the indoor office.Having difficulty with things drying in the real studioand fingers going numb!

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