Thursday, 31 December 2009

Finally finished a lot of work!! And got the computer back!

This is a blue version of the white piece I posted earlier-much bigger and with more varied felting techniques used.It has mostly been naturally dyed and uses applied fabric in the felting process-some of the scarves are from my mother who died recently as a sort of memorial.I've also used fabric picked up on my travels so it makes a sort of journal for me.I can still add to it, but I'm trying to stick to the re cycling idea,using old samples and old fabric-upcycling really, as hope it ends up improving the lot of the fabric.

This felt vessel has been waiting to be finished for quite a while.It has layers of rust dyed fabric,woad dyed silk,digital print and surface print using thermofax screens and natural dyes.These are my favourite combinations.Inside is rust dyed fabric too, and below is a detail.Hand stiteched again,with paper string.
Happy New Year  ,anyone who is listening.

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