Sunday, 22 August 2010

Second class video

I've just posted the second in the series of three videos on the Online class blog.

There will be three altogether and checklists to help you create your book-cost for all of this will be £25.00 and you can use the PayPal button in a previous post to pay for the course.I will be adding more classes to the blog in the future,some feltmaking,some more mixed media,so keep checking!

It has been almost too hot to think today and i have been experimenting with some collograph prints, in bursts,because even the cat is finding it too hot.Not complaining tho! 

Sunday, 15 August 2010

supplies list for online class-come and join us!

These are the supplies which will be needed for the ONLINE CLASS -a very small list isn't it?A sensible blog watcher pointed out to me that it could take a while to gather these together and take up the precious time available,so here it is,and thanks for seeing something I didn't.Just because I have masses of fabric scraps lying around, doesn't mean that the rest of the world does!

  • scrim or muslin or any open weave natural fabric
  • wallpaper paste
  • an old brush for the above
  • a jar with a lid to put the paste in
  • non-stick paper(baking parchment in the UK)
  • pressed flowers,ephemera,scraps of fabric
  • most important,a theme for your book.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Finally,the online class is ready to go.

    making a 6x6 fabric book 
This course will teach you how to make a small fabric book on a theme of your choice.The course can be completed in 3 weeks,and there will be three instruction videos,as well as printable checklists.As soon as you send your fee via PayPal,you will be sent an invitation to the blog which will allow you access to the class for a 3 week period.


Monday, 9 August 2010

messing about

Had a productive day in the studio,doing sketchbook work,making Nuno felt and tripping in and out of the kitchen watching my apple chutney bubbling on the stove.Weather is good still but not too hot,so condusive to work.I'm working in a sketchbook for the Brooklyn Museum of Art's sketchbook project and my subject is Storybook, so I'm working out my ideas for my Snow queen pieces for an exhibition in Odense next year via this work-everything overlaps, which is very satisfying.Online courses will be coming very soon,meanwhile,look what we found in the garage-small and perfectly formed, complete with inmate too

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

An inspiring day off

Went to Cadouin today to see the cloisters of the Abbey and came home inspired.The carvings were wonderful and inspired me to do a lot of drawing which I will use in my work about the Snow Queen for the exhibition connected with Felt in Focus next year.Arches and cut out shapes all reminiscent of lace, but in stone,beautifully eroded and ancient.The weather is not as hot at present, but I'm going to dye with my Japanese Indigo tomorrow,come what may.Want to get on with dyeing with my three'primaries' weld,woad/indigo and cortinarius semisanguinius(courtesy of a finnish lady)
Meanwhile,someone,who shall remain nameless,was relaxing in her favourite spot