Saturday, 19 March 2011

lace felt and other combinations

Have been experimenting with different methods of adding white to white and texture on texture-also printing on different surfaces.Felt isn't easy to print on with a very fine screen and this week,more seems to have gone wrong than right-suppose that has always been my way to learn!Also,it is very difficult to take a decent photo of white on white,especially when daylight isn't good.Rol on summer!

Maybe i should try on  a coloured background instead of being stubborn and wanting all white!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

At last some progress with work

This piece of felt has been very slow coming together,in part because other life has taken over and in part because the studio is cold It was inspired by the photos I took of the river cruise from Bobbin Head after our daughters'wedding on a ferry .The folds of the rocks fascinated me and the strange angles of the folds.Some of the felted fabric is digitally printed,some naturally dyed using leaves I collected from the area and some dyed with the old favourite ,rust.I am about to print with thermofax screens on areas of it and I think I will be making more of the same when time allows.Have also finished the stitched cloth below and am beginning to work on more felt lace for an exhibition connected with FELT IN FOCUS .I'll also be teaching a course in France based on the lace techniques which I developed last summer,so things are pretty busy,in my head

This was an old piece of linen from the end of a loom-must be a technical name for it!

At last some work to show!

Somw work to show at last!