Saturday, 25 June 2011

woad and recycling

Part of a shawl i've just finished,using old lace etc and dyeing all of it with woad.
It has involved several trips to vide greniers and brocantes and a lot of digging in my scrap bags ,but the end result is worth it.Very satisfying to have something nice which is having a new life.

Another view.Some may recognise pieces of my bathroom curtains!It always surprises me how many shades of blue come from one magical dyestuff,depending on the fabric involved.This has been a good summer for woad and rust and the temperature today is still soaring-too busy for woad today though.I'm off to teach at FELT IN FOCUS in Denmark next week and really looking forward to it,as i haven't been there for about 30 years.It will be nice to re visit Copenhagen for a couple of days,before going on to Odense to teach.

Finally,look how low this lake near us is-partly due to water being used for irrigation,partly lack of rain.Should be level with the trees.Still very tranquil and not a soul in sight except us.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Exhibition at St Avit

Took a trip to St Avit,to the Palissy museum to see an exhibition and having walked up the hill to the village(finding walnuts on the ground for dyeing which was a bonus) we found that the exhibition is only open in June on a sunday!Never mind, i did take some photos and i will go back,plus i have already used the walnuts and have a lovely warm brown on silk.

This is the door to the church in the village,which seems not to be used any more-no seats or evidence of people.It is all very atmospheric and slightly musty smelling.
These are the faded wall paintings in the church,which would look fabulous if restored,but still gorgeous as they are.
Finally,one of my best accidental photos ever,a view through the window of the exhibition we couldn't see.I,m not sure if these pieces were put here because they were inspired by the church tower in the reflection, but it certainly makes a dramatic image.

Monday, 6 June 2011

making books

Have been making lots of little books to sell,using my monoprints,at the same time as making a booksmart book on woad and rust  dyeing -this will go on my etsy site when i finally get it up and running.The internet is still very iffy and at present seems to work when we are making a phone call-how ridiculous is that?
Blogger wont turn this round!

 Or this one!
Finally,a glimpse of the peace and quiet in our village.

What could be better for creativity?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

dip dyeing my waistcoat and other things

Yesterday was a glorious day so it seemed a good idea to make a woad vat,to finish my waterfall waistcoat,amongst other things.Here it is,after 3 dips.
And this is my progressing rust fabric patchwork piece-not sure what this is destined for.

This is so uncharacteristic for me, but I have finally mastered the rust on cotton-previously my successes have been silk fabric,so now I can start work on all that fabric from brocantes and vide greniers, which has been stored away in my wardrobe-my squirrel area!