Tuesday, 27 October 2009

More from Farncombe

Another lovely book, this time 'Wind in the Willows' Full use was made of the lake at Farncombe  for collections of reeds etc, and a bark spine for the book.

          This was one of my favourite pages,maybe because I love neutral colours and it feels calm-much needed at present!

My next Altered book course will be in France in 2010,from 7-11 June.This will be a 5 day lass which will give lots of opportunity for experimenting, visiting places of interest, and hopefully,sunbathing in the grounds of my studio.

Monday, 26 October 2009

Altered books weekend

Altered books bonanza-look everyone, it's your work!!

The images above show a glorious book, all creams and white, which is very personal and family related, so names are being mentioned, but you know who you are!
Much work and thought went into this, and once again,it is joy to see how lovely white and cream can be, and how texture alone makes for a good page.When colour is eliminated, it also helps many people create very special work.Colour does give a problem for many students.

The two pictures below show more pages, one with a pop-up in the centre.It is amazing that so much was achieved over a weekend, even though there is more to do on this book.Our greatest difficulty was drying the pages, as it was very humid in the classroom, and we were using wallpaper paste to bond the layers.

This is what happens when students are hooked on the process!Just returned from a busy and happy residential weekend at Farncombe Estate with a lovely group of people.The work they did exceeded all my expectations.I always feel that with such a group, I learn new things too, which is why I never want to give up teaching totally.More pictures now.

Picture above shows Lyn's gorgeous book made for her grandaughter-all white and very beautiful.The extended 'skirt' will be used to wrap the book as a gift.

This shows the technique invented by Helen-weaving photographs with coloured paper.The end result is still recognizable to those who know, but changed enough to be secret.Lovely for an altered page.

There will be more pictures posted later, when I have time-haven't even unpacked yet.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

In my other studio!

Something very strange is happening to my picture uploading skills today, but I have run out of patience so I'm leaving them as they are anyway.As you can see, there is a lot going on in my studio at present and as it is smaller than the French one, it does look even busier.Below right is a close up of an altered book I'm preparing for the weekend course at Farncombe,using a children's board book and the theme of trees.I'm using some of my not so successful prints on the pages.Plenty of those!
Above is a studio over view,showing the felt pieces I'm working on, some for a Climate Change exhibition(hoping they will be accepted!) and some are throws I'm assembling from my naturally dyed and stitched pieces-a slow process.

This corner has all my thermofax screens and some inspirational pictures, along with a few samples I made for the Climate change pieces.
Finally,more felt waiting to be finished.Lots of work to do and the weather is getting a bit cool, so I need my Ugg boots, bought by my daughter in Oz.It's a bit like an expedition, going down the garden to work, but still a lovely space.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Back home

I returned to a -to me-very cool UK on Sunday and have only ventured into my studio here once,because I need to wear a coat in there!

We are really into Autumn now ,whereas in the Lot et Garonne, we were still outside in T shirts in the evenings.

I have work to complete for an exhibition-those last little bits which shouldn't take too long, but generally do, so have to get my head around the cool.Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the lovely work done by students on my course in France in September-subject was LINES AND LAYERS.
Having trouble with the pictures today, maybe the heavy doses of painkillers I'm taking for lag ache are dulling my brain!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

welcome to the open studio

Technology mixed with nature-I love my little printer and use the images for mixed media transfer techniques.My studio is a wonderful space in the middle of a tranquil field,s with only birds singingand the sun shining.What more could I want?
my lovely little printing press, which I use for collograph prints.These I use in my altered books and handmade books.It's my favourite bit of equipment.
Mixed media pieces which I use for teaching ,combined with my altered book techniques.Very different to my felt pieces, although I do use mixed techniques in those too.
Some of my felt hangings ,using woad and rust dyeing techniques,hanging above my bag collection.I keep fibre and other fabric related items in there, often things given to me by students.

This part of the studio is currently full of altered books because I am preparing for a course in the uk.This is my French studio, in the Lot et Garonne region,built for me by my husband.It's big enough to teach a large -ish group of students and gives me loads of space to make large pieces of felt and anything else I might feel inspired to do-I'm very lucky!