Monday, 26 October 2009

Altered books weekend

Altered books bonanza-look everyone, it's your work!!

The images above show a glorious book, all creams and white, which is very personal and family related, so names are being mentioned, but you know who you are!
Much work and thought went into this, and once again,it is joy to see how lovely white and cream can be, and how texture alone makes for a good page.When colour is eliminated, it also helps many people create very special work.Colour does give a problem for many students.

The two pictures below show more pages, one with a pop-up in the centre.It is amazing that so much was achieved over a weekend, even though there is more to do on this book.Our greatest difficulty was drying the pages, as it was very humid in the classroom, and we were using wallpaper paste to bond the layers.

This is what happens when students are hooked on the process!Just returned from a busy and happy residential weekend at Farncombe Estate with a lovely group of people.The work they did exceeded all my expectations.I always feel that with such a group, I learn new things too, which is why I never want to give up teaching totally.More pictures now.

Picture above shows Lyn's gorgeous book made for her grandaughter-all white and very beautiful.The extended 'skirt' will be used to wrap the book as a gift.

This shows the technique invented by Helen-weaving photographs with coloured paper.The end result is still recognizable to those who know, but changed enough to be secret.Lovely for an altered page.

There will be more pictures posted later, when I have time-haven't even unpacked yet.


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  2. brill photos cant wait to see all the others work - the weekend was great well presneted and plenty of techniques - im hooked dia