Sunday, 13 November 2011

Still no shed!

Since I still have no shed space,though its almost there,I'm confined creatively to the kitchen,so I have been playing with papier mache and created this alien rabbit (named by my daughter ) I'm considering changing his sex and adding a tutu,so he can sit on top of the Xmas tree instead of guarding my back-up drive.
On a more serious not,I'm doing some research on the prints of John Piper,which is very enjoyable.Hoping he may send me in a new direction, both with felt and prints,and there may even be a course to be had from all the reading.Watch this space!


  1. Hi Lyn, have you been to the print room at the Ashmolean? They have some wonderful Piper works on paper. You just ring up and make an appointment and they bring out boxes of work for you to study.

  2. I was going to say the same as Caroline..if you haven't been to the Ashmolean in must goxx I love the place. love your bunny rabbit!