Saturday, 26 November 2011

John Piper and other things

Visited the National museum of Wales in Cardiff, to see all the Piper works-all three of them on display!I went without my glasses, having dropped them outside a friends house, so all my drawings were a touch on the abstract side, but I am rapidly filling a sketch book with ideas for more work and courses based on the work, so feel a little less annoyed with myself than I did last week.Piper really did make an amazing range of work which makes him a very good artist to study, from a mixed media point of view.

Rather poor scan,but the camera is in the shed at the bottom of the garden and it is dark and cold outside!
This is the coast of Pembrokeshire,asking to be a piece of felt.
 This is Piper, not me.What about a monoprint?
This came after my visit to Blenheim, where ,joy of joys,we discovered that there will be an exhibition of Pipers work and -even better- a printmaking course in the new year.Couldn't be better! Next stop the Ashmolean.

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