Monday, 7 June 2010

Best woad vat ever

This week the weather has been hot and relatively dry-perfect for woad dyeing, so I set to and made a vat.In the middle of creating the stock solution a friend came around, we sat down for coffee and I forgot what I was doing,so the woad sat there all wrapped up in the heat.When I went back to it,this is what I found.
The crust was fantastic and the colour underneath ,bright yellow.This was done using woad from Bleu de Lectoure which is near-ish to us and so particularly special, because S W France was a big woad growing area, so it seems fitting to use their extract.This is the bucket before I started to dye-pity you can't smell it!Finally, the first piece to go into the vat. More pictures later,when the blue fabric joins the slow cloth.

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