Wednesday, 23 June 2010

More in the kimono saga

These are the two fronts of my piece de resistance so far and i am now well into the back, which of course is the same size as two fronts, so is taking more time & thought.It really is an interesting challenge,getting the balance right,added to the fact that I think my devore liquid may be going off in the heat,which has finally come back to our corner of France.
Alonside this work, i am thinking about a piece i have to make for Felt in Focus in Denmark  next year, based on Fairy tales Some of the techniques used in the lace will carry over to the Danish piece,which is going to be based on Hans Christian Andersen's Snow Queen, mainly because the story terrified me as a child,so I wanted to face my demons!
Finally,i am harvesting some glorious weld,which is defiantly growing at the front of my flower bed,where i hastily planted it last year before we left here for the uk,thinking it would never survive.How wrong was I?

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