Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another garment

Have been trying to work in the studio in spite of spraining my foot by standing on a sharp stone in crocs which had become too thin on the sole-standing to felt is my mode of choice so i find sitting to roll a little awkward.Anyway,i managed to finish a little top, using charity shop scarves which i have been squirreling away for quite a while.The colours have worked well and my new method of finishing the felt in the washing machine is very speedy and successful.You do need to know your machine though.It's not a new technique at all-it appeared in ECHOES many moons ago, but i have re-discovered it and love it as a means of speeding up the shrinkage of Nuno felt.

This has taken literally for ever to upload-not sure why, but i'll try to add a detail now.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous work. lynda x

  2. This is lovely. Can I ask if you know which Echoes issue the washing machine felting was in. I have most of them and can't seem to find the article. Thanks.

  3. Not sure the article was in Echoes-it might have been in Embroidery magazine.