Monday, 19 September 2011

Learning by experience.

No matter how much experience a person has, i.e me,in dyeing and fabric handling,mistakes happen.I should have known that if i wanted two reasonably similar pieces of fabric, they should both have been dyed in the same vat-obvious to all but an idiot, i.e ,me.I collected some walnuts, made a lovely vat and dyed my first piece,then thought,maybe it should be darker, and added a piece of rusty iron.The second piece came out grey-ish.Drat! Collected more walnuts which resulted in my other half falling in a ditch, made another vat and dyed the whole lot again,which gave a match, but not such a nice brown.Will I ever learn?
Anyway, still have a third piece to go to make a garment, so maybe I'll remember what I did!

This is the fabric,made up of recycled scarves muslin and devored silk ,felted to a very thin layer of prefelt.

The overdyeing brings all the differing elements together,and dulls down anything which is too bright or jarring.

Check out the texture-I really love what can be done with this devore fabric,

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  1. love this work but yes we have all done this....but your work looks amazingxxx l have just found a walnut off to do some experimenting!x lynda