Thursday, 8 September 2011

more course results.

One of Pat's pieces-nice to see that the print and devore and cut out areas all link together.

This  is Valerie's very subtle avocado dyed piece,still in progress as witnessed by the pins.It is amazing how each person has a different take on the same basic technique.

Devore lace sample ,felted to fine pre-felt by Daphne,then dyed with rhubarb root extract-amzing how this picks out the pattern even with all that texture.The end of another really successful day with masses of work achieved and alcohol at the end to round it off before a relaxing evening.What more could we want?

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  1. l am in love. Rhubarb root...real roots or something else? you sound as if you have had a great timexx would love to learn how to do this, looks amazing! lynda