Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Pasta machine for printing

Finally managed to get into my shed and take some pictures-not good ones ,but enough to give the general idea.The results are nowhere near as good as from my press, but good enough to try things out and also to show students who come on my courses that adequate results can be gained at home with determination and no expensive press.

 This picture shows(as well as a lot of clutter!) the standard pasta machine with the base plate unscrewed and mounted on a piece of board.This is so that the print and the plate don't hit the base before they are wound through It's clamped to the table of course.The machine has several settings and a good starting point for a small collograph plate is number 3, but for a plastic drypoint, a higher number is needed.This is where the experimenting comes in.

Obviously,the print/plate goes through the machine between the rollers,where the brown card is in this picture.The drawback,of course,is that only A5 or smaller prints can be made, but it does work well and is worth experimenting,for those without a press.


  1. thanks for explaining this..looks good and definetly work experimenting withx lynda

  2. That's a good idea, I'll shre it on my Facebook page!