Monday, 20 October 2008

Felting with my dyed fabric/fibre

At least I know what I'm doing with the dyeing, which is more than can be said for the blogging, but persevering anyway.

I took several pieces of dyed silk and some laminated fabric and laid it all down on the surface of a piece of needle felt.The sander helped to attach it all, and now, all I need to do is do the final printing with natural dyes and a thermofax screen, to unite the different areas.Then I have to pleat the felt, because I am preparing for a course which I will teach in SW France in my studio, based on lines in the landscape.

All around my studio, there are fields full of plough lines at present, and the environment seems to naturally divide itself into linear shapes, though according to Manet, there are no lines in nature, only areas of colour ,one against the other.

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  1. I like this very much - seems we have some in common - felt / natural dyeing / house in France. But I guess you have much more experience, since I started with felt 4 years ago and this natural dyeing I just started doing experiments. Oh, and our holiday-farmerhouse we have bought in March this year in the department Haute Marne. The surrounding of your studio sounds great. creative greetings, Dorie