Monday, 27 September 2010


The temperature has really dropped over the last couple of days,so much so that everyone wanted to be inside in the cafes when we went to the market on Sunday-a bit of a change from basking in the glorious sunshine.I will need to do my last Japanese indigo dyeing tomorrow,before the colder weather realy sets in.At present ,the plants are lovely and bushy and this will be the second picking-maybe stronger blues? More of that later.Meanwhile

Rusty metal wrapped in cling film,sitting in the sun-will we be able to do any more rusting outside or will it have to be the wood burner again?

One I did earlier.A subtle combination of grey/rust which comes from Russian Earl Grey Tea.I love the fact that the rust dyeing never works out the same way twice,very unpredictable.Also, depends on the base fabric of course.

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