Tuesday, 5 October 2010

found,stitched and dyed

I'm taking part in the stitching circle project organised by India Flint,with some of my friends.Re-cycling is something I've always been interested  in and I'm particularly fascinated by Japanese Boro textiles,so when I saw the idea posted on India's blog ,I couldn't resist.My cloth came from a French Brocante and has some beautiful darns in it,as well as a perfect 'sides to middle'join in what must have been a sheet which just couldn't be thrown out.My idea is to add to the history of the cloth by stitching fabric given to me by friends and found by me on my travels,so that I create my own history.This is it so far.

It will all be dyed at the very end of the project when groups of the sewing circle meet together,hopefully.I keep thinking about the discomfort of whoever had to sleep on the darned area!And,who would bother to darn an easy care sheet these days?What have we lost?
Finally,why are the Morning Glories flowering so profusely ,now that the weather is colder?

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