Sunday, 24 July 2011

new work

Inspired by my visit to the linen museum near Odense during Felt in Focus ,I've started  some new work-sort of based on the old work for the Snow Queen, in that it is modular and assembled from small patches of felt, old fabric and lace.A visit to a local Vide Grenier gave me some wonderful pieces of hemp and linen fabric, for once going for a song, so I've embarqued on another journey.Who knows where this one will end?

This is a close up,showing the knitting and the printed knit.

I've always been fascinated by old samplers and that is what I'm aiming for,at the same time as making apple jam,so the house is full of sweet jam smells and old fashioned lace work!The weather is a bit autumnal considering it's July, so maybe staying inside and working is the only way to take my mind off the lack of sun.

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