Saturday, 30 July 2011

The sun is back!

We finally have the weather we are intended to ahe in France at this time of the year, so I'm a bit reluctant to be inside the studio.Nevertheless, my large fabric piece is at last finished, using all my dye samples from Sydney and Denmark.Now I am working on a pattern for a garment to make with the cloth.

Somehow, the colours look washed out here-maybe too much sun shining on it-but they are the usual rusts and woads.The cloth fills a whole table in the studio, so there is plenty to play with.As I don't want to waste an inch, it may be a case of one of those garments which just have two armholes cut into a rectangle and then draped artfully around the body-can I do draped artfully, I wonder? Does anyone out there have rough measurements as to where the armholes go?

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  1. This beautiful fabric has to be worn! I wish it was mine. Stunning and inspiring.